Waste gate / bypass valves

Waste gate / bypass valves

The most common area of application for SOMAS exhaust valves is pressure regulation in the engine’s inlet pipe. The regulation occurs when exhaust fumes spills out by the side of the turbine (exhausts are wasted).

A bypass valve can also be included in a turbo system. It is an exhaust valve not directly involved in the pressure regulation. 

Waste Gate Bypass Valves Illustration 1

SOMAS application handbook

SOMAS Application Handbook is an interactive tool where we have collected our many years of experience about valve options, material options as well as other important information about the valves we suggest for specific applications. The Application Handbook which is written in English can be ordered  by contacting SOMAS. There is an option to download the book via the login zone. In order to download the Application Handbook, please contact us to receive your sign-in-credentials. Achieving the best possible result when using SOMAS control valves is important because using the right size valve can offer you a great opportunity to save money. The part covering “Engine” gives you information on different applications and what kind of valve SOMAS recommends for each installation. It also covers recommendations on valve type for different medias.

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