The sugar industry

In the sugar industry SOMAS valves are mainly used as control valves and on/off valves. These valves have great flexibility and can be put to use in many applications. Our valves for the sugar industry are designed to meet the control requirements and we have spared no effort in their design. Our attention to detail in this regard extends to choice of materials used as well as the design. This makes it possible for us here at SOMAS to claim that the valves we supply to the sugar industry are well adapted to the requirements of this industry and that the result speaks for itself.

Valves that are used in the sugar industry

VSS  To the sugar industry SOMAS supplies control and actuated or manual shut-off valves. The valves are designed to meet the process requirements in terms of materials and design.

Control valves are used mainly for steam applications and it is relatively small ball segment valves with seat in HiCo or PTFE53.

Shut-off valves are used for different types of juices. The most common valve is the butterfly valve.


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