Butterfly valves and ball segment valves for the sugar industry

Butterfly valves - for liquid flow

SOMAS butterfly valves are used in the sugar industry to control or shut off the flow of juice, other liquids and steam. The butterfly valve is flexible and well suited for most media and temperature ranges since its body, disc and seat are all made from stainless steel.

For sugar juice a sealed shaft might be the best alternative since it keeps the bearings free of solidified sugar. For vacuum steam and other steam a hard chromed shaft is to be preferred.

Ball segment valves in the sugar industry

kvtSOMAS ball segment valve is usually the sugar industry's choice for flow control, since this valve has a high flow capacity and the seat is protected from media wear. The stainless valve is available with three different seats, one for liquids or steam at up to 170 degrees C, one with a soft metal seat for temperature ranges up to 200 degrees C, and a seat for steam at higher temperatures.

Whichever ball segment valve you choose you can easily change the seats later. The ball segment valve is also flexible in that it can be ordered in a flanged design or flangeless for mounting between flanges.

SOMAS supplies another on/off valve for the sugar industry, the SOMAS ball valve of type SKV.

Meeting design requirements is important

The sugar industry has stringent requirements on the process, and at SOMAS we have taken these to heart as design criteria for our actuators. Our actuators are made from aluminium with special surface treated and stainless steel. In this way SOMAS adapts to the control requirements of the sugar industry. The actuator exerts its maximum torque at the fully open or closed position and there for the function is assured.

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