The bio fuel industry product line

KVTWSpeaking of the bio fuel industry, SOMAS on/off valves are the ones most commonly used. They are either manually operated or actuated on/off valves. Ball segment valves are the most commonly used control valves in the bio fuel industry, while butterfly valves and ball valves are usually to be found in on/off applications.

The valves used in the bio fuel industry have to meet certain requirements. In order to achieve this, SOMAS valves are made of stainless material. We can also supply valves made from titanium or nickel-rich alloys if you as a customer so desires.

SOMAS valves meet the control process requirements

KVTMeeting the existing control objectives is a matter of course for us at SOMAS.  Our actuators are made from aluminium with special surface treated and stainless steel. In this way SOMAS meets the bio fuel industry's control process requirements. The actuator exerts its maximum torque at the fully open or closed position and there for the function assured.

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