The pulp & paper industry

Pulp & Paper

SOMAS comes from an area where the pulp and paper industry has been the main industrial sector. This industry has largely shaped SOMAS traditional valve program, characterized by the acid-proof stainless steel in the all wetted parts.

Cellulose industry

Cellulose industry or pulp industry has numerous applications for SOMAS valves. Blow line valves, valves for liquor circulations, valves for pulp flows to screening and bleaching plants. Many applications require special valve material (such as duplex stainless steel and/or titanium) to withstand the corrosive environment. Cellulose industry also has a cooking chemical recovery that needs quality valves like SOMAS valves. Special valves have been developed with fixed seats and special materials.

Paper industry

The paper machine has a seemingly endless need for high performance SOMAS valves. The liquid flows both with and without fiber content, to the paper
machine's wet end where the sheet is formed and water from the press is transported away. Steam flows for the dryer section. SOMAS have been able
to offer valve seat solutions that work on the whole paper machine.

Other areas

Around pulp mills and/or paper mills several other functions are needed. Waste water treatment and fresh water intake. These facilities of course use SOMAS valves.

Valve types

All SOMAS valve types such as ball segment, butterfly and ball valves are used. Furthermore, these valves are used as control, shut off or manual valves.

Application handbook

SOMAS has developed a tool to help to make the right valve selection in various applications and industries. The part about pulp&paper industry highlights typical process applications and the valves SOMAS recommend for each installation point. The Application handbook also includes a section with recommendation of valve for each type of media.

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