The bio fuel industry

Our control valves and on/off valves have many applications and can be used in a variety of industries, among them the bio fuel industry. SOMAS supplies valves developed for the bio fuel industry and these valves are naturally adapted to the demands of this application. We have been meticulous in the development of these valves and the result speaks for itself. Our valves for the bio fuel industry are adapted, in design as well as materials chosen in construction, to satisfy the demands of his application.

The bio fuel industry gains ground in Sweden

Ethanol is the fastest growing bio fuel in the world. It is made from sugar cane, sugar beets, grains, cellulose and other raw materials. In Europe sugar beets are the dominant source, but cellulose is gaining ground in Sweden. There is now a pilot plant in Örnsköldsvik where SOMAS was contracted to supply all control valves and on/off valves.Bio fuel industry

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