SOMAS exhaust valves - Good performance under tough conditions

VSS Exhaust"An unbeatable valve for use in engine exhaust pipes" would be a good description of the butterfly valves and ball segment valves specially designed and developed for this purpose by SOMAS.

The most commonly used and best adapted valve is the butterfly valve. Its simple, robust and maintenance-free basic construction makes it the premier choice for exhaust gas valves. It can be further customized with shaft sealing and/or bearing bushings to further enhance its performance, depending on the engine and fuel used. The ball segment valve is an alternate choice.

Exhaust valves and actuators

Exhaust valves are shipped bundled with actuators and positioners. Most actuators have customized mounting as well as high temperature gaskets in both the actuator  and positioner. The positioners are also adapted to withstand the engine vibrations.

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