SOMAS cargo valves 

MTVThe Butterfly Valve is the perfect valve for the marine industry. Due to the design of the valve with the solid seat and the unique disc design the valve has an excellent tightness and works very good in marine applications.

Cargo valve for liquids

Our Butterfly Valve is used as cargo valve. The valve is not affected by high flow velocities and will keep its tightness even after many years operation.

In other applications around the cargo system. 3-piece ball valves is used, mostly in smaller connections.

In the shipping industry valves are usally remotly maneuverd by hydraulic actuators. Alternatively hand maneuvred by a handgear or hand lever.

Tank cleaning system

Tank cleaning system is for cleaning of the cargo tanks
after changing of cargo products.

The tank cleaning pump takes fresh water from technical
fresh water tanks or sea water and pumps it to the tank
cleaning guns in cargo tanks for cleaning the tank
The heat exchangers can heat up the water to approxim-
ately 80 C.

Super stripping system

The system is used for emptying the last cargo products
from cargo tanks after the stripping system is used.

After connecting the suction pipe to the vacuum system
it is possible to suck up the rest products from the bottom
of the cargo tanks to the vacuum tank. The liquid in the 
vacuum tank to be pumped to deck drain tank and from 
there via stripping manifold to shore.

Stripping system

The system is used for emptying rest products from cargo
pipe system and pumps.

After connecting compressed air or Nitrogen to the cargo 
pipe system or cargo pumps and manifold stripping pipe 
to the end of cargo manifold pipe via flexible hoses, it 
is possible to blow the remaining of cargo products to 


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