SOMAS ball valves - for gases and liquids

Type SKV


Any leakage of gas or liquid has to be  avoided at all cost. SOMAS ball valve is designed to take care of this issue. The valve is a full bore, flanged ball valve with cylindrical bore made in dimensions from DN25 to DN400. The valve is made from stainless steel with spring loaded seats for good tightness, even at low differential pressure.

The valve ball is hard chromed as standard, but can also be supplied with Hi-Co coating. The valve can be supplied with actuator and accessories for manual operation, on/off or control applications.


Type S36  

Ball valves also in 3-piece form


SOMAS 3-piece full-bore ball valves are mainly intended for use as manually operated valves or remotely actuated on/off valves. The ball valve meets ISO standards.

The valve is available with threaded ends, welding ends or flanges. It is also possible to combine different types of ends.

SOMAS 3-piece full-bore ball valves are equipped with seats of two materials. Fibreglass-reinforced PTFE as standard, or carbon-filled PTFE adapted for steam.

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