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For more than 60 years, SOMAS has developed and manufactured valves in stainless steel materials and a product program with a range of dimensions. We continue to develop our products to meet the new demands of the industry coming from using new process media, which in turn require new materials. Thanks to a close cooperation with customers from various industries, we gather valuable experience that will help us in our quest to deliver the best product. Product range

Our valves, actuators and accessories are ideal for a number of industries. For example: pulp& paper, chemical, sugar, energy and marine industries with product tankers and engine manufacturers. See our Valve Guide (pdf,3,58 MB)

SOMAS Ball segment valve is the ideal control valve. With high capacity, rustic building and maintenance friendly design it is capable of handling the most of the applications. Read more about SOMAS Ball segment valves  

 Ball segment valve




SOMAS Butterfly Valve is thanks to the unique design and the stable seat as good as maintenance free. It can be used as control and shutoff valve.
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SOMAS Ball valve with its two seats are best suited as a shut-off valve. Full bore causes a low flow resistance in open position.
Read more about SOMAS Ball valves   Ball valve


SOMAS actuators are specially designed for control applications.
SOMAS offer a patented backlash-free transmission friction coupling (valid for D≤50) to optimize control performance and eliminate backlash. Houses and cylinder are made ​​of aluminum and duasolid painted. Other details in stainless steel.
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