SOMAS on/off valves - reliability in tough conditions

skvThe on/off valve should shut off the flow and be tight in the flow direction. It should ideally have a low flow resistance in open position. The shut-off valve often has a pneumatic actuator either double acting or single acting.

Many SOMAS valves are suitable for use as on/off valves

We have a number of valves in our product line suitable for on/off applications. SOMAS full flow ball valve SKV has very low flow resistance.

Another good choice is SOMAS butterfly valves. Due to its solid construction and maintenance-free design, this type of valve is a perfect solution for most on/off applications. It is also very attractively priced.

The ball segment valve also provides good value for money and is suitable for on/off applications. This type of valve is originally designed for control applications, but its open flow makes it a good choice for most on/off applications as well.

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