Exhaust valves for the marine and energy indistries

Waste gate valves

The most common application for exhaust valves is pressure regulation in the engine intake. The pressure regulation occurs when exhaust are wasted beside the turbine.

In some instances a bypass valve is also used. This valve is not directly involved in regulating pressure. Instead it maintains optimum turbine rev's by regulating a gas flow bypass channel as needed.

VSS ExhaustExhaust valves for Thermo Efficiency Systems

Increasing fuel prices have led to new designs aimed at achieving increased fuel efficiency. SOMAS exhaust valves are primarily used in connection with the exhaust turbine which powers a generator. An important advantage of our exhaust valves is their ability to rapidly close the exhaust gas flow if the generator load decreases. Thermo Efficiency Systems are most commonly found in low rev two-stroke engines  used for marine propulsion.

Submarine exhaust valves

Non-nuclear submarines are powered by combustion engines while surfaced. When the sub prepares to dive, the engine is shut off and the exhaust valves are closed by SOMAS exhaust valves.
SOMAS butterfly valves have turned out to be well suited for this task. Our valves can be supplied in a variety of special materials solving the problem of corrosion of traditional stainless materials caused by the high temperature of the exhaust gasses in combination with the chloride content of sea water.

Test benches for engine testing

During development of small diesel engines for cars, trucks and boats, test running in test benches is required both as part of development and for testing purposes. Our exhaust valves allows for adjusting the exhaust counterpressure to the desired level.

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