SOMAS control valves can be used in many industries

KVTF and KVTControl valves are an important part of SOMAS valve program and they can be used in many industries. Different SOMAS valves can be used as control valves and the ball segment valve is one of them. Thanks to its design, with ball segment and shaft in one piece, the ball segment valve is the ideal control valve.

The butterfly valve is also an excellent control valve

The ball valve has flow characteristics less suitable for control applications, but when the other advantages of the ball valve (valve seats in both directions and low resistance at full opening) are important, it may very well be used as a control valve.

Control valves with torque transmission free of back-lash

An extremely important part of a control valve is the connection between the valve shaft and the actuator.  SOMAS offers a patented backlash-free transmission friction coupling (valid for D≤50) to optimize control performance and eliminate backlash. The actuators are designed to fit valves and accessories with the ISO 5211 and VDI/VDE 3845.


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