Control valves - references in many indistries

KVTControl valves are needed in all industries. Many process parameters such as rate of flow, level, pressure, temperature and concentration need to be fine tuned. Properly designed, reliable and backlash-free control valves are therefore indispensable in the process industries.

SOMAS control valves are a good choice for the pulp and paper industry. Typical applications are control of water supplied to acheive precise dilution of the pulp and regulating steam flow for drying. In the pharmaceutical industry SOMAS control valves are used to regulate the temperature in various reactors. In the steel industry our control valves regulate the flow of coolant used in the tempering process. Engine manufacturers use our valves for pressure regulation at the engine intake.

Other industries using our control valves are the chemical, petrochemical, energy and shipping - shipbuilding industry.

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