Ball segment valves for most industries

KVT DN50The excellent properties of the ball segment valve are most obvious when it is put to use as a control valve. This means that it can be used in more or less all industries - chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical industry and pulp&paper industry to name but a few.

The ball segment valve is suitable for all media, gaseous and liquid. Even in the case of wood pulp, the ball segment valve is at an advantage due to its free flow. Adaptions of the ball segment valve makes it able to deal with MC-applications (Medium Consistency).

Since our ball segment valves can be supplied with different choices of material for the seat, we are able to adapt them to a wide range of operating temperatures ranging from the extremely cold (cryogenic) to the extremely hot (superheated stem and engine exhaust gasses). SOMAS ball segment valves can handle it.

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