Actuators for proper valve function

What makes SOMAS actuators so special? One reason is that they have been specially designed to cope with the requirements of the process industry for reliable operation and precise control. Our actuators are mainly intended for use with SOMAS valves, but they can be easily adapted for use with other valves demanding a 90 degree arc of operation.

We have spared no effort in order to eliminate any backlash between the moving parts of the actuator or between the actuator and the valve. This has created the neccessary prerequisites for pinpoint precision and has laid the foundation for accurate diagnostics.
We can also supply electrical and hydraulic actuators of well-known brands.


Accessories for SOMAS actuators

Many years of experience have taught us which acessories are the best match for our products and our actuators are obviously no exception. The righ accessory allows you to easily enhance the performance of our actuators and achieve product performance way above and beyond the average.

The most common accessories are positioners for control valves and solenoid valves and limit switches for on/off valves.

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