SOMAS actuators Type A-DA and A-SC/SO

SOMAS actuator type A is designed for control- and on/off applications. This actuator is primarily intended for use with SOMAS ball valves, ball segment valves and butterfly valves.

SOMAS actuator type A-DA is double-acting and designed to meet the highest requirements for control applications. Special attention has been made to achieve low friction zero backlash. The coupling eliminates backlash between actuator and valve which optimizes control performance.

A13-SCSOMAS single-acting actuator type A-SC/SO is in principle identical to the A-DA-actuator, the difference being a spring device for opening or closing function at air failure.
All of our actuators have passed comprehensive quality control before shipping and all our solutions meet the demands of the process industry for function and reliability.


The linear motion of the piston is converted to a rotary motion by means of a linkage. The curve shows the actuator output torque as a function of the rotation angle
(see Fig.2).


air supply


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