Quality Assurance - ISO 9001


Quality system according to SS-EN ISO 9001:2008

Certified by TÜV Cert. No. 44 100 095369

At SOMAS we aim to deliver a product that meets or exceeds the demands of our customers as well as any standards imposed by law. Our products should be delivered on time and at a competitive price. Quality Assurance (QA) is a concept of fundamental importance to us, and this applies to relations with our customers and suppliers as well as among our co-workers.

SOMAS focus on quality should permeate all levels of the company. By applying efficient QA and rational task management we ensure that the desired goals are met.

QA tasks shall be conducted in formal compliance with ISO 9001 standards. Other standards and requirements may also be applicable.

Our employees are our most valuable asset. It is vital that they feel empowered and encouraged to take part in our QA effort at all levels of the organization and in compliance with SOMAS QA policy.

For further information concerning QA, please contact our Quality Assurance Manager Johan Bergsland.


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