Case Studies

Waste Heat Recovery Systems

  • stenaThe energy in the exhaust gas can be utilized to lower the fuel consumption by close to 10%.
  • The reliability of the valves in the system is critical to the success of the investment.
  • SOMAS has the knowledge and experience to provide the valves for the Waste Heat Recovery System to utilize the full economical and environmental potential of the Waste Heat Recovery System.

SOMAS advantages:

  • Strong Product and Application knowledge.
  • Long Experience within the Marine industry.
  • Sales, Design, Manufacturing and Service managed in one company at one site to provide easy handling and fast decisions.
  • Dedicated to maintain the leading position in R&D and efficient manufacturing to always serve the market with the best performing products to competitive prices.
  • wasteLarge stock and a strong service organisa-tion secures the customers investments.

SOMAS application experience:

  • Slow Steaming.
  • Waist Gate.
  • Power Turbine Closing and Control.
  • Power Turbine Bypass.
  • Steam Turbine Extraction.
  • Steam Turbine Inlet Closing and Control.
  • Steam Turbine Bypass.
  • Steam DumpWater Control.

SOMAS VALVES features:

  • exhaustRidged Valve Body and Disc Structure in high alloy materials suitable for continues operations up to 700 degC.
  • Extended shaft for high temperature operation.
  • Advanced geometry of valve internals to minimize the maintenance requirement.
  • Flexible Metal Seat to maintain tight shut-off over a long period of operation.
  • Metal shaft bearings to minimize the risk for sticking Graphite packing in stuffing box.


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