Case Studies

Exhaust Gas Recirculation

  • smmRecirculating some of the Exhaust Gas back into the fuel mix reduces the NOx emissions without compromising the engine efficiency.
  • The reliability of the EGR valvse in the system is critical to maintaining the environmental benefit over a long period of time.
  • egrSOMAS has the knowledge and experience to provide low maintenance and trouble free EGR valves.

SOMAS advantages:

  • Strong Product and Application knowledge.
  • Long Experience within the Marine industry.
  • Sales, Design, Manufacturing and Service managed in one company at one site to provide easy handling and fast decisions.
  • Dedicated to maintain the leading position in R&D and efficient manufacturing to always serve the market with the best performing products to competitive prices.
  • Large stock and a strong service organisa-tion secures the customers investments.

SOMAS application experience:

  • exhaustEGR for 2- and 4- stroke engines with different levels of complexity.
  • EGR on/off and control valves.
  • Waste Gate.
  • Slow Steaming.
  • Power Turbine inlet on/off and contro lPower Turbine Bypass on/off and control.

SOMAS VALVES features:

  • Ridged Valve Body and Disc Structure in high alloy materials suitable for continues operations up to 700 degC.
  • Extended shaft for high temperature operation.
  • Advanced geometry of valve internals to minimize the maintenance requirement.
  • Flexible Metal Seat to maintain tight shut-off over a long period of operation.
  • Metal shaft bearings to minimize the risk for sticking
    Graphite packing in stuffing box.


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