Case Studies


gruvonThe spent liquor from the cooking plant and pulp washing contains almost all the consumed cooking chemicals and the dissolved wood substance. To be able to burn the spent liquor it has to be concentrated. This is done in the evaporation plant where the liquor is concentrated from About 15% dry solids to 65-85%.

SOMAS advantages:

  • Strong Product and Application knowledge.
  • Long Experience within the Pulp & Paper industry.
  • Sales, Design, Manufacturing and Service managed in one company at one site to provide easy handling and fast decisions.
  • evaporDedicated to maintain the leading position in R&D and efficient manufacturing to always serve the market with the best performing products to competitive prices.
  • Large stock and a strong service organisation secures the customers investments.

SOMAS application experience:

  • Valves in std material or design with different levels of complexity of material due to service.
  • Steam and liquor service.
  • Black liquor service with dry solids up to  65-85 % dry solids.

kvtf cSOMAS VALVES features:

  • Dimensions in the range DN25/2 - DN700.
  • Pressure classes PN10 - PN100.
  • Ball segment and shaft as a one-piece design gives backlash-free operation and accurate control.
  • Double trunnion supported segment gives high durability and low torque requirement.*
  • The valve seat can be replaced from the outside without dismounting the valve and this makes the valve service friendly.


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