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  • sockerThe Sugar Crystallization Process is done under vacuum to optimize the process and to save energy.
  • Valve Tightness and Durability of the Syrup Feed Valves as well as for the Steam, Vacuum, Drain, Discharge and Wash valves are crucial to successful process result.
  • SOMAS has the knowledge and experience to provide the proper Valves for both Continuous and Discontinuous Vacuum Pan systems.

SOMAS advantages:

  • Strong Product and Application knowledge.
  • Long Experience within the Sugar industry.
  • Sales, Design, Manufacturing and Service managed in one company at one site to provide easy handling and fast decisions.
  • Dedicated to maintain the leading position in R&D and efficient manufacturing to always serve the market with the best performing products to competitive prices.
  • socker illustrLarge stock and a strong service organization
    secures the customers investments.

SOMAS application experience:

Crystallization processes:

  • Syrup Feed control and on-off valves
  • Steam, Water and Drain control and on-off valves
  • Vacuum control and on-off valves
  • Discharge control and on-off valves

Other processes:

  • Sugar beat/cane to Raw Juice
  • Raw Juice to Clear Juice
  • vssJuice to Syrup
  • Raw Sugar to Sugar and Alcohols

SOMAS VALVES features:

  • Flexible metal seat to maintain tight shut-off over a long period of operation.
  • Metal seat to protect the seat from damage due to particles in the fluids.
  • Advanced geometry of valve internals to minimize the maintenance requirement.
  • Torque Transmission free of backlash.
  • Suitable for Pneumatic, Electric and Manual actuation.
  • Suitable for Control and On-Off operation.
  • Wide variety of accessories to optimize the performance of the valves.


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