About Somas

Somas - The market leaders in control valve R&D

SOMAS Instrument AB develops, produces and markets control- and on/off-valves made from high-grade, acid-proof stainless steel.  We export our products all over the world. Our main customers are to be found in the pulp and paper industry, but we now have a growing market in the chemical, power, biofuel, offshore and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as on product tanker.

SOMAS - security and continuity

During our more than 65 years in the business, we have come to realize that security and continuity are important issues for our customers. So providing security and continuity has become a natural and fundamental part of our customer relations.

We tend to claim as proof-of-concept of our policy that we have now become the market leader in control valve research and development. We intend to remain so also in the future.

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Download brochure about SOMAS - The market leaders in control valve R&D (pdf 2,5Mb)

SOMAS business concept

SOMAS is dedicated to R&D, manufacturing and marketing of high-quality valves and accessories.

SOMAS Instrument AB is located in Säffle, close to main road E45, about 60 km south of Karlstad. Several paper mills are situated in this area , notably Nordic Paper, Billerud Gruvön and Stora Paperboard Skoghall.

Travel directions

SOMAS Instrument AB : sales@somas.se : +46 (0)533-167 00 : +46 (0)533-141 36