About Somas

SOMAS history

The name SOMAS is an acronym derived from: "Sliperi Och Mekaniska Arbeten Säffle" (the Säffle Grinding and Mechanical Works). SOMAS has a long tradition as valve manufacturering and was founded in 1945 by Sven Ragnar Hägg and Folke Carlén. At this time the main business consited of grinding and polishing cutlery. 

Valve production - past and present

SOMAS worked from the beginning with in-house products. Valve Production started in the late 40's when there was a great need for valves to the local process industry. A process industry mainly consisting of pulp&paper industry. This meant that we early started to manufacture valves in stainless steel materials. The first type of valve that was produced was a so-called throttle valve that today is called butterfly valve. In the early 70s, the ball segment valve was introduced and it turned out to be the solution for many applications. Then, when the metal seated butterfly valve came in the late 70's we had a valve program that covered most of the process industry's needs. The product line today consists of ball segment valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, check valves and pneumatic actuators with valve positioners. 




From left: Allan Selin, Sven Hägg
Folke Carlén and Börje Klarin

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