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Return of Goods

This policy applies to returns of earlier delivered products that customer wants to return for any reason. The same procedure applies whether it is a complaint/guarantee matter, or if it's to be returned for any other reason. 

Return of previously delivered products shall be preceded by an agreement
between our service coordinator or sales department and the customer. 


The customer requires a return form by sending an e-mail to service@somas.se. The customer returns the filled-out form to service@somas.se and then receives the RMA No.

The return form including RMA No. shall be enclosed with goods for identification upon arrival at Somas. A copy of the order acknowledgement, invoice or packing slip and return form must accompany the goods in all returns. 

Returns due to complaints and warranty issues 

Complaints and warranty matters will be handled according to stated internal routine "Dealing with complaints" in our internal operating system. If the complaint is accepted by us after inspection, a credit note will be issued. 

Returns for other reasons/repurchases 

For return of a reason such as: "Wrong ordering", "Material left overs", "Unused material" or any other reason, not caused by SOMAS, a reduction of the refund value will be made. In this case, there will always be general return deduction of at least 30% of the product value. Any cost of recovery to new condition applies if the returned device is damaged.

In return for exchange to another size, type, or other similar reasons, no return fee will be deducted.  

Only products in new condition and in the standard version can be accepted in
return for eventual refund. Custom made, special designed or products not
stored by SOMAS, are non-returnable. 

Products with an order value of less than 115:-€, will not be handled for refund. 

Spare parts and spare part kits must be unused and in new condition in original
packaging. Spare part kits must be in an unbroken packaging.

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