Our products have just been certified for SIL!

-But what does that mean?

The purpose of SIL is to reduce the risk of accidents and to have a higher grade of security in the process industry.

The requirements for industrial safety systems looks a bit different today thanks
to the technical developments within this area, as well as the occurrence of major accidents (e.g. Seveso, Bhopal). Process functions are increasingly based on electrical and electronic systems, which leads to higher demands on knowledge
on how to handle the security of these processes where individual parts affect the risk of accident.

In order to have a risk reduction approach the IEC 61508 covers equipment and IEC 61511 covers the process industry. In the standards, the SIL - Safety Integrity Level method is used to assess and reduce risk of accidents for equipment and processes.

SIL is divided into 4 classes of security where SIL1 is the lowest and SIL4 is the highest. The higher figure means greater risk reduction.

The method is to identify all the risks of accidents in a process in a structured way. The next step is to evaluate how large the risk of accident there is with regards to personal injuries and deaths, environmental damage, and damage to property. This is done by doing a risk analysis. The probability of an accident is also included in the evaluation. The result of the risk analysis is then used to determine a necessary risk reduction, a SIL class, for each of the risk of accidents that is considered to be high. Where the risk needs to be reduced, a separate external security function is added to the process. The safety function includes one or several valves.

The valves must meet the functional safety requirements that apply to the different SIL classes for the safety features in which the valves are located. This is where the certification comes in to the picture. Both SOMAS products and the SOMAS company are covered by the new certificate.

We ask Magnus Jansson who is the one that been working a lot with SIL certification.
- What does it mean that we have received SIL certificates and for which SIL class are our products now certified?
"That our products are SIL-certified means that we can offer SOMA's valves for safety features, and that we and those who design safety features get an easier job. We now have products that are approved up to and including SIL 3 and that feels great. "

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