Peter Hägg appointed the Säffle citizen of the year

He is leading a family company that not only puts Säffle on the world
map but is also building for the future, creating jobs and spreading a positive
spirit in the Community.peter 

Peter Hägg has been named this year's Säffle citizen by the 
Säffle newspaper and its readers. SOMAS Instrument AB continued its
expansion this year with major investments in new facilities and modern
production equipment. It signals a believe in the future that the Säffle newspaper
jury found  of great importance. 

One of the newspaper readers who nominated Peter Hägg summed it up in one
sentence: - He keeps the jobs in Säffle.

Jury motivation
"In times of high unemployment rate and turmoil on the local labor market, he leads the family business with a steady hand. During the past year, investments have been made to further strengthen Somas' leading position. This year's Säffle citizen have by now put Säffle on the map and also been involved in other key issues related to Säffle and the development of the community. "



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